Sweet 16 at Tony Boffa’s {Middletown, NY}

Victoria's Sweet 16 was AMAZING! She had a limo, balloon arches, and lots of fun. Victoria met her court at her Uncle's house, they were full of giggles and compliments. Her brother needed some help getting his tie on. His Grandfather was there to help. Everyone got a little giggle out of it. She opened... Continue Reading →

Backyard Wedding {Chester, NY Photographer}

Erin and James's wedding was timeless. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic they still had their simple backyard wedding. That was anything from simple. The bride and groom pulled off the biggest U-turn of a wedding I have ever seen. In under 3 weeks they went from having their wedding at a venue... Continue Reading →

Perona Farms Wedding

Amanda and Billy got married at Perona Farms in Andover, NJ. It was a rainy day on Halloween, they still had fall colors in the backdrop. Amanda got ready at the carriage house upstairs, girls chatting from one corner to the other, getting last minute details put together.  Ibrayni is Floral the florist arrived with... Continue Reading →

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