She said ” YES”

Matt called me all excited a couple of days before he planned to propose to his girlfriend. He was so cute and had everything all planned out. Picked out the perfect spot, Orange County Arboretum during Christmas time with all of the lights. He sent me a little map of where to be, and they... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home Wedding {Poughkeepsie, NY Photographer}

Shannon and Chet were such a sweet and fun couple. They just closed on their house on Friday and got married in their backyard that Sunday!! The ceremony was intimate with close family, and officiated by the Mayor who was a family friend. Chet's family lived far away, they watched on a live stream and... Continue Reading →

The Feast at Roundhill Wedding {Washingtonville, NY Photographer}

Cristina & Christopher got married at the beautiful Feast at Roundhill in Washingtonville, NY. Cristina got ready upstairs with her bridesmaids, lots of bustling around and last minute tasks. Chris arrived ready to go with the groomsmen, they were joking and talking amongst themselves. Cristina and Christopher opted for a first look. They were so... Continue Reading →

Thomas Bull Memorial Park Wedding {Montgomery, NY Photographer}

Olivia and Alberto got married at the beautiful Thomas Bull Memorial Park. It was a sunny summer day. Olivia got ready downstairs with her bridal party, they were busy getting ready and bustling around. When Olivia was getting her finishing touches done her bridesmaids were all in tears. Alberto got ready with his groomsmen, his... Continue Reading →

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