Wallkill Golf Club Wedding {Middletown, NY Photographer}

Elizabeth and Ryan’s wedding was at the beautiful Wallkill Golf Club in Middletown NY. The way he looks at her is what every woman wants. I love this couple.

Ryan got ready at the main building with his parents and groomsmen. Elizabeth’s brother brought his pocket square folding know-how and pulled through for the team. Guys were really relaxed and ready to go.

Elizabeth and her girls got ready at Wallkill Golf Club in a separate building. Her and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done and finishing up on last minute touches. She did a first look with her Dad that she was fighting back tears for her makeups sake.

Elizabeth and Ryan opted for a first look, he was adorably nervous/excited, and they were so impressed with each other. They remind me of the Disney movie Tangled with Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder just adorable together.

The ceremony was held outdoors with a beautiful modern wooden arch draped in flowers. The ceremony was sweet and traditional. The couple was met with Champane toasts after the ceremony

We drove around the Golf course with one of the general managers. He was the “lookout” while we took photos he yelled “four” and then “duck” I did what any person would do and what came naturally I hid behind the couple. But that general manager stood Infront of both of them with his chest puffed out, head tucked in, arms spread apart and ready to take the hit ! When it was all over the ball was about 10 foot away. It all happened so fast and realized I wasn’t as into action as I thought I was I really had respect for that manager (I took a test photo and he was in the shot grabbing a flag for the couple to give him a shout out). But that wasn’t the only shinning star at the venue. Elizabeth and Ryan have such a natural chemistry that taking photos was very easy.

The reception was held in the main ball room. The tables were adorned with white tablecloths and pink napkins with floral centerpieces. When it came time to cut the cake Elizabeth and Ryan were adorable. When I was all over, I turned my head and here was the other general manager holding a 3-tiered wedding cake nonchalantly in one hand!!!! let me repeat with one hand!! and hand the swagger to point and smile like no big deal. I was like again gold star impressed. The wedding was amazing. The couple and the guests had a great time and partied the night away with family and friends with the talented Much Music DJ.

Venue: Wallkill Golf Course Middletown NY

DJ: Much Music DJ http://www.muchmusicdj.com

Photographer: Frost Photography http://www.myfrostphoto.com


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