St Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church Wedding {Sandyston NJ & Matamoras PA Photographer}

Sarah and Raymond got ready at the Erie Hotel in Port Jervis NY. The Hotel is a historic landmark it was built in the 1890’s and has been completely restored. The rooms were small and quaint as fitting to the time period. You could almost feel the history.

Raymond got ready in a separate room with his dad and groomsmen. They were joking around and helping each other with their ties. Raymond’s mom helped the groomsmen and Raymond put on their boutineers.

In a room on the next floor Sarah was getting ready when I arrived, her hair and makeup was complete. She looked so stunning. Her maid of honor was helping with finishing touches, Sarah was relaxed and sipping on her favorite Champagne. Her mom was bursting with joy and excitement for her. Sarah met at her parents house to surprise her dad with a first look. Her Dad being theatrical was all ready for the camera, it was adorable. He too was bursting with excitement. We took some photos at her house, it was bittersweet. They put their house on the market all of the furniture removed but memories still remaining. We went to her bedroom. Her Dad beamed with pride saying ” when we found out my wife was pregnant we painted the whole room pink” …that was an understatement, even the ceiling was pink! It felt symbolic in a way her childhood home now gone and now starting a new chapter.

The ceremony was held at St Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Sandyston NJ. It was a small ceremony with their closest family and friends. They had a flower and candle lighting ceremony.

We took some photos outside the church it was FREEZING and I mean freezing. Then the wind started picking up, they handled it like a champ. We went back to her parents house for more photos. I felt so bad asking her to take off her fur shawl. It was cold, but they handled it with so much grace.

Back into the nice warm car, the reception was held upstairs at Two Rivers Grill in Matamoras PA. Sarah and Raymond being resourceful used a echo dot and their playlist to DJ the event. They had memorable parent dances and surprised their grandparents with their wedding songs for them to dance to.

Sarah’s friend made the wedding cake, everyone oohed and ahhed as they cut it to reveal a 4 layer cake. Throughout the wedding reception guests clanked on their glasses for them to kiss, her dad was sharing videos of Sarah as a kid playing the piano. It was a heartfelt day, lots of laughter and memories.

Hotel: Erie Hotel Port Jervis NY

Church: St Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church Sandyston NJ

Reception: Two Rivers Grill Matamoras PA

Photographer: Frost Photography

DJ: Sarah & Raymond 🙂

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