Backyard fall family session

I’ve known Jody for years. We went to middle school together. I still remember drawing and writing notes in a notebook and passing it back and forth to each other through out the classes.

She named her daughter Brianne. I saw her and said “did you know you were named after me?” She gave me a puzzled look and instantly looked at her mom, I laughed and said I’m just kidding. But she fits the Breanne personality great. Very ambitious had lots of photo ideas. This first photo was all her. She said “oh, I like this rock what if we did something like this?” I was like go for it.

We had fun exploring their property, they have a beautiful lake that the dog jumped right into and swam around.

As they were sitting down, the leaves started to fall as if we were in a snow globe but instead of snow it was leaves. It felt magical. A leaf got caught in Brianne’s eye lashes, everyone had a good laugh. Then the kids showed me their handmade fort made out of branches of all sorts. They were really proud of it.


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