Backyard Wedding {Matamoras, Pa Photographer}

Emily and Billy got married on a beautiful fall day in at their house.

Billy is my cousin and I am so happy for him, and glad to be apart of their day. Billy got ready at the Best Western, in Matamoras PA. He finishes putting his tie on and asks, how does it look? I reply.. backwards lol. He’s like oh shoot, and has it redone. He was so nervous it was adorable. His parents were their helping him get ready. His parents surprised him with a tie clip as a present.

Emily got ready at the house, kids bustling around. Her bridesmaids went into Rockstar mode when the clip was missing from the top of the dress and they sewed her into it.

The first look was at the Best Western in Matamoras, PA. The fall leaves and pond as the backdrop. It was super sweet. Emily’s son ran out of the car as soon as he saw them and ran up to Billy and gave him a big hug.

The reception was small and intimate. Emily’s mom is a pastor and she was also the officiant. She just beamed with pride. I love the photos of them putting their rings on her smile was ear to ear. During the ceremony as they are getting to the rings Emily darts her eyes at her bridesmaid the “oh shoot, I forgot the rings” kind of look. Her bridesmaid scrambles out of her chair so fast I only caught the back of her as she ran into the house to save the day.

After the ceremony Billy called his sister who wasn’t able to make it. She was watching the ceremony on facetime and she was the first person they wanted to talk to afterwards.

At the reception that was tented outside the tables were adorned with flowers by Laurel Groove in Port Jervis, NY . The color scheme was beautiful for fall a sage green with white chair accents and white plates. Their were little wooden log name tag holders and candles around it.

During the reception, Billy made a toast. Commented on how a while ago they purchased an expensive bottle of champagne. They thought it was $20 but turned out to be over $200! So, they were saving it for a special occasion. They thought of no better time than this. He popped the bottle and shared it with everyone there. One guest reaction after he tasted it was “oh yeah that’s smooth”

The day was just perfect, they ended the day in his and her matching comfy sweatshirts. Surrounded by friends and family.

The look you give your bestie when you forget the rings…

Billy’s sister wasn’t able to make it but they facetimed the ceremony with her and facetimed her right afterwards.

I thought this was so cute, as I’m taking the photos I hear some giggling behind me, I turn around and theirs Billy doing “monkey arms” to get the baby to look and smile. When it was his turn for photos no one behind me doing monkey arms lol so the baby’s looking all around.

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