Backyard Wedding {Chester, NY Photographer}

Erin and James’s wedding was timeless. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic they still had their simple backyard wedding. That was anything from simple. The bride and groom pulled off the biggest U-turn of a wedding I have ever seen. In under 3 weeks they went from having their wedding at a venue with over 100 people to slicing the guest list down to 50 and completely changing everything from the wedding except for yours truly. I was just blown away and impressed planning a wedding for a year down to changing everything in 3 weeks.

Erin got ready at her house in Chester, her best friend was their helping her get ready. The flowers from Tom’s Greenhouse and florist sat on the porch for the cats not to get into them. Her cats were in the spare bedroom wondering what was going on. Erin did a first look with her parents both of them were beaming with pride and joy.

I met James at his Grandfathers farm. Their they had a tent set up from Orange County Park Rentals and tables and chairs from Frist Presbyterian Church of Chester where Erin is the Pastor. The guys were busy getting their boutineers on, and guest started arriving.

The ceremony was sweet, Minister Alison Paden conducted the ceremony a close friend to the couple. The guests had a giggle when the groom was reciting his vows because he was talking in the microphone looking at the Minister because she was holding the microphone, they were all like look at Erin! A unique thing happened during their vows the ceremony was in the shade but when they exchanged rings the full sun shined upon them then a cloud passed then when they were announced as Mr. & Mrs. and kissed the sun came back out again in full force.

The reception was catered by a local pizza shop Tina’s Pizza cafe everything was delicious my favorite was the mozzarella ziti. Joe one of the groomsmen brought his portable stereo with him to set music up to the couples already planned music. The guest talked amongst themselves, lots of laughter and love.

At the end of the day we took a ride up to the top of a hill after the sun was setting for some unforgettable portraits. The sky was the color of cotton candy.

They ended the night surrounded by family and friends, good food and lots of love.

Caterer: Tina’s Pizza Café and Restaurant, Chester NY

Florist: Tom’s Greenhouse and Florist, Goshen NY

Officiant: Alison Paden, Hilltop Presbyterian Church; Mendham, NJ

Tent rental: Orange County Party Rentals

Porta-Potty’s: A-1

Tables/Chairs: First Presbyterian Church, Chester NY

Photographer: Frost Photography, Otisville, NY




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