Headshots in Goshen, NY

I’ve known Ryan Degnan for a year now, he was my realtor. He has a great down to earth personality and I appreciated his hard work and tenacity. As he would say “Real Estate never sleeps”.

I interviewed lots of realtors but he was the one that stuck out to me. He listened to what I had to say, and never pressured me into anything, and was always available. While looking for houses we finally found “the one” after months of searching. Ryan was the sole reason I got my house. He had the idea for me to write a letter in with my offer, 3 offers were made on the house on day 1, the sellers said they loved our letter and knew we were meant to be the new owners and we were picked! I was appreciative of his knowledge and creative thinking. I would have never thought of that.

So, almost a year later when he texted me for headshots I was elated. It was nice to work together again. He sent me photos of what he was looking for and we went from there. So if your ever in the market (realtor joke) for a house Ryan Degnan is the guy to call.

Ryan Degnan, Better Homes and Garden, Goshen NY 845.741.8218



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