Rock Island Lake Club Wedding

Marissa and Albert got married on a chilly day in November, They got ready at the Hilton Garden, first look at Rock Island Lake club, ceremony at St George Orthodox church, and reception at Rock Island Lake club.

Albert got ready at the Hilton Garden in Rockaway, NJ upstairs. When I arrived they were ready for the day, bustling getting everyone dressed and ready. Albert’s sister came in just to say “hi” and see how everyone was doing, and she was a godsent fixing ties, pocket squares and getting everyone picture perfect. Since it was early in the morning they did a coffee cheers to celebrate.

Marissa got ready at the Hilton Garden downstairs, hair and makeup was being done. They were in full party mode, they brought confetti poppers and had a blast sending them off. Lots of heartfelt moments

They went by shuttle to the Rock Island Lake club for first look photos. Marissa had a heartfelt first look with her dad who was holding back tears. She then went outside to see Albert. She looked stunning as she walked down the pathway to see her soon to be husband.

Marissa and Albert had a first look on the dock he was mesmerized by her, they smiled, kissed and laughed a bit while the bridal party and parents overlooked on a deck nearby.

The ceremony was held at St George Orthodox Church in Little falls NJ, it was a beautiful ceremony with crowns, candles and wine.

The cocktail hour was insane, held at Rock Island Lake Club; tables upon tables everything from a BBQ station to a shrimp station. Guests mingled and talked upon themselves.

The reception was held at Rock Island Lake club, we took a shuttle bus over there the bus was filled with music and bursting with excitement. I overheard a groomsmen saying “I think this is the best wedding I have ever been to” The tables were adorned with flowers and navy napkins. Their bridal party was ready to party as soon as the reception started 2 of the bridal party was in acrobats and the others wanted to keep up with the competition. But, no one could compete with the bride and groom coming in, they had money being poured on them, then dancing on a cloud, then….fireworks!!!!! simply AMAZING, they danced the night away one guest was a famous Arabic music singer and sung at their wedding as everyone danced around. Lots of fun, great music by alpine entertainment  and food. A picture perfect wedding.

Venue: Rock Island

Photographer: Frost Photography

DJ: Alpine Entertainment




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