The Hartwood Club Wedding {Forestburgh, NY Photographer}

Emily and David got married at the Hartwood Club in Forestburgh, NY. Its a private community that was established by one person with a dream for his family all to live near each other, Gorgeous  cabins on the property are each family members cousins hanging out down the street from one another, kids riding bikes down the dirt paths. It felt like camp and everyone pitches in to do projects and make it enjoyable.

Emily got ready at her parents cabin with pine ceilings and the lake in the background. Walking up to the house the family Labrador was picturesque sleeping on the porch. Her cousin did her makeup and other cousin did her hair, you could feel the sense of family all coming together.

David got ready at another cabin just a short walk away from each other. They opted for a first look David walked in with his 2 daughters he was beaming ear to ear smile when he saw her. They are a very laid back, relaxed couple. One of the grooms friends asked is it ok for me to wear shorts? Emily replied ” of course, just be comfortable” he said are you sure? she giggled and nodded.

Emily and David took about a 5-10 minute walk down to the lake for their ceremony, they were giggling and laughing the whole way down. They were the first to arrive to their ceremony excited for it to start. They approached the dock, family and friends started to gather on the beach area, people came from all sides neighbors walking out their front door, kids riding bikes down to the beach.

The reception had a live band that were AMAZING!! ( I will get their name soon and share it with you) they sung all types of genres. Family and friends danced the night away.


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