Silver Birches Wedding

Jody and Barry’s wedding was on a sunny spring day with temps in the mid 90’s. They opted for a first look overlooking lake Wallenpaupack. The setting at Silver Birches in Hawley PA is gorgeous. Jody arrived to the ceremony by boat which was a great surprise to guest and Barry, he didn’t know she was arriving by boat! The reception was decorated with little touches and planter flowers for a winning guest from each table to take home. Ended the night with beautiful sunset portraits and then they danced the night away. Jody is on old middle school friend of mine so it was great seeing her again so happy and in love. I wish you two all the best ❤

Venue: Silver Birches Hawley PA 2017-05-28_00022017-05-28_00032017-05-28_00042017-05-28_00052017-05-28_00062017-05-28_00072017-05-28_00082017-05-28_00092017-05-28_00102017-05-28_00112017-05-28_00122017-05-28_00132017-05-28_00142017-05-28_00152017-05-28_00162017-05-28_00172017-05-28_00182017-05-28_00192017-05-28_00202017-05-28_00212017-05-28_00222017-05-28_00232017-05-28_00242017-05-28_00252017-05-28_00262017-05-28_00272017-05-28_00282017-05-28_00292017-05-28_00302017-05-28_00312017-05-28_00322017-05-28_00332017-05-28_00342017-05-28_00352017-05-28_00362017-05-28_00372017-05-28_00382017-05-28_00392017-05-28_00402017-05-28_00412017-05-28_00422017-05-28_00432017-05-28_00442017-05-28_00452017-05-28_00462017-05-28_00472017-05-28_00482017-05-28_00492017-05-28_00502017-05-28_00512017-05-28_00522017-05-28_00532017-05-28_00542017-05-28_00552017-05-28_00562017-05-28_00572017-05-28_00582017-05-28_00592017-05-28_00602017-05-28_00612017-05-28_0062


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