Be my Valentine-30th Wedding Anniversary {Port Jervis, NY Photographer}

Joan & Jim celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at the Erie Trackside in Port Jervis NY. They got married on Valentines day 30 years ago she wore her burgundy dress and wore the same dress 30 years later! That’s pretty impressive. Their kids planned their anniversary party which was so thoughtful and sweet. Valentines hearts for favors and they carried out the valentines theme in the color scheme and flowers. 2017-02-24_00082017-02-24_00032017-02-24_00042017-02-24_00022017-02-24_00012017-02-24_00052017-02-24_00062017-02-24_00072017-02-24_00092017-02-24_00102017-02-24_00112017-02-24_00122017-02-24_00132017-02-24_00142017-02-24_00152017-02-24_00162017-02-24_00192017-02-24_00182017-02-24_00172017-02-24_00202017-02-24_00212017-02-24_00222017-02-24_00232017-02-24_00242017-02-24_00262017-02-24_0025


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