Backyard Wedding

Darah & Sal’s wedding was beautiful on a perfect fall day. Darah and her dad did a first look (where you see each other before the wedding). Sal is a avid hunter so it was only fitting that the boutonnieres were made out of shotgun shells. I met Darah and Sal a couple of years ago at one of her good friends weddings and then ended up photographing each of their weddings it was really cool to see the décor from each wedding just used in different ways.

Officiant: Ashley Zimmerman

DJ: DJ Sound Wizards

Hair: Dani Reich

Flowers: Laurel Grove, Port Jervis NY 2017-01-05_00052017-01-05_00012017-01-05_00032017-01-05_00022017-01-05_00072017-01-05_00082017-01-05_00062017-01-05_00092017-01-05_00102017-01-05_00042017-01-05_00112017-01-05_00122017-01-05_00132017-01-05_00142017-01-05_00152017-01-05_0018Can you spot the frog? 2017-01-05_00162017-01-05_00192017-01-05_00202017-01-05_00212017-01-05_00222017-01-05_00232017-01-05_00242017-01-05_00252017-01-05_00262017-01-05_00272017-01-05_00282017-01-05_00292017-01-05_00302017-01-05_00312017-01-05_00322017-01-05_00332017-01-05_00342017-01-05_00352017-01-05_00362017-01-05_00372017-01-05_00382017-01-05_00392017-01-05_0040


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