Star Wars Wedding

This wedding was so much fun both Kathleen an Joseph are big Star Wars fans and made light sabers, the wedding party had a light saber battle along with the bride and groom. Kathleen got ready at her parents house we went to her bedroom where her dad painted clouds on the ceiling, one of the clouds was a castle. So surreal as you realize time really does fly with kids one day your painting their ceiling the next they are getting married. The ceremony was held at St Thomas Church in Sandyston NJ, we stopped off at Highpoint in Sussex NJ for some portraits. The reception was held at Best Western in Matamoras PA. I loved their cake, custom flowers and little details.

Venue: Best Western Matamoras PA

Ceremony: St Thomas Church,  Sandyston NJ 2017-01-01_00012017-01-01_00022017-01-01_00032017-01-01_00042017-01-01_00052017-01-01_00062017-01-01_00072017-01-01_00082017-01-01_00092017-01-01_00102017-01-01_00112017-01-01_00122017-01-01_00132017-01-01_00142017-01-01_00152017-01-01_00162017-01-01_00172017-01-01_00182017-01-01_00192017-01-01_00202017-01-01_00212017-01-01_00222017-01-01_00232017-01-01_00242017-01-01_00252017-01-01_00262017-01-01_00272017-01-01_00282017-01-01_00292017-01-01_00302017-01-01_00312017-01-01_00322017-01-01_00332017-01-01_00342017-01-01_0035


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