12 Days before Christmas Countdown Giveaway!!

A look back on 2015 has been nothing short of AMAZING! and without great clients like you it wouldn’t be possible this year I wanted to extend my gratitude and give my wedding clients a Christmas present, in fairness to my past brides I am conducting a  countdown to the 12 Days before Christmas, Frost Photography will be doing a giveaway of a Stainless Steel Travel Mug! This Giveaway is open to PAST WEDDING CLIENTS ONLY FROM 2008-2014. So everyone has a chance to WIN!IMG_0948Every day starting on December 13, Frost Photography will post this blog post. The first PAST bride/groom of Frost Photography to respond WINS!! This Blog post will be posted sporadically throughout December 13-December 24th giving all  lucky wedding clients a chance to WIN.

*Please note if no past wedding couple “WINS” for the day the prize is forfeited and rest of the days will resume ending on December 24th*

Make sure to like Frost Photography on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/myfrostphoto

-Click on the Liked tab at the top

-Click on Notifications555 copyUntitled copyThat’s it! now your ready :). Good Luck & Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!! You all have been WONDERFUL to work with!!!


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