Country Wedding {Montgomery, NY Wedding Photographer}

Jessica and Joe got married at their house. When I first went to their house for their engagement session to when I came back for the wedding the house and yard was COMPLETLY transformed; which is an understatement of the amount of hard work they did with in a year to get it to perfection. The wedding was a super thought out AMAZING wedding complete with gunfire, human drawn carriages, horse saddles and much more. Their wedding had that southern vibe, even their German shepherd dog was the ring bearer!


2015-10-24_0002 2015-10-24_0003

First look with the mom’s

2015-10-24_0004 2015-10-24_0005

Classic handmade shot gun shell boutonniere

2015-10-24_0006 2015-10-24_0007

2015-10-24_0008 2015-10-24_0009 2015-10-24_0010 2015-10-24_0011 2015-10-24_0012

German Shepard Ring Bearer


2015-10-24_0014 2015-10-24_0015 2015-10-24_0016 2015-10-24_0017 2015-10-24_0018 2015-10-24_0019 2015-10-24_0020 2015-10-24_0021 2015-10-24_0022 2015-10-24_0023 2015-10-24_0024 2015-10-24_0025 2015-10-24_0026 2015-10-24_0027

Picture Perfect!



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