This was one of my most FAVORITE weddings of 2015, this couple was SO much fun to work with easy going, awesome personality and hilarious. Their wedding was held at the Beautiful Vassar Chapel in Poughkeepsie, NY and reception held at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. If a picture is worth 1000 words then your in for a novel, with this blog post. ❤


As soon as she stepped out from the bus (glowing) and walked over to me a lady bug instantly landed on her Handmade flowers. It was so beautiful. And yes I said handmade flowers those are ALL made out of paper!! She WON the crafty bride award for sure on those.


2015-10-23_0003 2015-10-23_0004 2015-10-23_0005


When she saw her mom for the first time, their wasn’t a dry eye around. And with her Grandma too such a close family you could literally feel the love it radiated.

2015-10-23_0007 2015-10-23_0008



Brendan is HILARIOUS! which is an understatement he brings a lot of personality to the table. So we bartered did one serious for every out take and his groomsmen were all on board.

2015-10-23_0010 2015-10-23_0011 2015-10-23_0012 2015-10-23_0013 2015-10-23_0014

I have no idea what’s going on here but I love it, this is really just “them”

2015-10-23_0015  2015-10-23_0017 2015-10-23_0018 2015-10-23_0019

“You know I want to be like woosh!! like a cape” I said I know what you mean Go for it

2015-10-23_0020 2015-10-23_0021

Ok, so this killed her to not smile and laugh

2015-10-23_0022 2015-10-23_0023

Breathtaking Church

2015-10-23_0024 2015-10-23_0025 2015-10-23_0026 2015-10-23_0027

Jumping over a broomstick

2015-10-23_0028 2015-10-23_0029

Handmade flowers from paper! wow I was so impressed

2015-10-23_0030 2015-10-23_0031 2015-10-23_0032 2015-10-23_0033 2015-10-23_0034 2015-10-23_0035 2015-10-23_0036

I forgot what song they sung but they sang there hearts out, it was AMAZING


Irish Blessing


No cake cutting is complete with out a spur of the moment sword fight with the knife and serving knife. I seriously LOVED these guys.

2015-10-23_0039 2015-10-23_0040


One thought on “An UNFORGETTABLE Wedding

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  1. I cannot find words to describe what you have captured on film. The images here take me right back to the day itself. The fun, the presence and abundance of love are so apparent in this work of art. Errin and Brendan’s wedding is like beautiful music. It just flows and is like a melody that stays with you. Time continues to pass and every time I think about or talk about this truly magnificent day, my heart and my face smile and fill with joy. Thank you for this incredible masterpiece.

    Mother of the Beautiful Bride

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