Jessica & Wayne/ Erie Trackside Wedding

Jessica and Wayne held a beautiful wedding at the Erie Trackside in Port Jervis NY. Despite the upper 90 degree temperature we melted a little but they radiated with love.  I LOVED her peony flowers they smelled AMAZING. Check out their decorations, everything had a great down to earth home feeling.

Officiant : Father Newcombe

DJ: Orell from Much Music DJ

 Limo: Mid City Transit
Flowers: Laurel Grove Port Jervis NY
  Reception site: Erie Trackside Manor, Port Jervis NY
  Cake: Jean-Claude’s Patisserie & Dessert Cafe
Ceremony: St Mary’s Port Jervis NY

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  1. Thank you Jessica and Wayne.It was the best delivery ever…traveling along scenic Route 6 from Warwick to Port and also want to say that it was a pleasure working with you both. Best wishes for many hpy and memorable years to come.


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