Tips for great Engagement portraits

You just got engaged and now you are going to be taking a lot of photos together, from selfies to your family and friends showing off your recent engagement. Here’s a couple of tips and posing ideas to make you look your best.

Keep your heads close together

It’s okay to touch cheeks (actually looks better) and it’s super cute.


Engage your eyes

Smile but make sure to smile with your eyes too.


Mix n match

Do a variety of poses so you can have an assortment to choose from


1 pose= 3 different photo options, with a simple turn of the head, hand on the chin can give more diversity


Be Engaging

Live the moment

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld


So remember keep those heads together, smile with your eyes not just with your mouth, mix n match so you have a variety to choose from and most important JUST BE YOU!! because you are AMAZING!!

Once you get your amazing portraits you are going to want to show them off there are lots of great companies to get your wedding invitations printed out one of my favorites is Paperless Post you can use your photos in the invitation or opt for the worded print, great for save the dates and wedding invitations.


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