Easter Portraits with Midnight the bunny {Port Jervis Photographer}

The countdown to the Easter Sessions began with a Coloring Contest drawn by local H.S artist Karly Struble I was blown away from her artistic talent. We got tons of entries, but it got drawn down to 3 lucky winners one from each age group.
The Easter portraits with Midnight the bunny at Laurel Grove Florist and Greenhouse in Port Jervis NY was a blast. We had perfect weather nice and sunny (so sunny that me and my assistant Mikayla got a sunburned.)
Apart from the super cute photos we also raised $55 for the PJ Humane Society! through this event. The kids outfits were so adorable little hats, jackets, spring dresses so cute.


2014-04-22_0006 copy

2014-04-22_0008 copy

2014-04-22_0009 copy

2014-04-22_0002 copy

2014-04-22_0003 copy

2014-04-22_0004 copy

2014-04-22_0005 copy

2014-04-22_0007 copy

2014-04-22_0010 copy

2014-04-22_0011 copy

2014-04-22_0013 copy






Poor Midnight almost got her ears yanked off and was quickly reprieved.


Our Coloring Contest Winners

2014-04-22_0012 copy



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