Bridal Seminar Wrap-up

I was apart of this years Bridal Seminar at the Hampton Inn in Matamoras PA, there was a lot of information from different vendors and some info I was surprised in one fact in particular I was shocked that the average wedding costs $27,000 seriously..? how can this be…

Some good tips I’ll do category by category

1. Flowers- theirs table flowers great for conversation and they don’t “block” your view,  and the bigger flower arrangements are meant for higher ceilings so theirs “color” in the air make sure to coordinate your flowers with your bridesmaid dresses and linen, DO NOT CHOOSE ALL WHITE FLOWERS THEY WILL GET LOST IN YOUR DRESS

2. Hair/ makeup -it seems to be a no-brainer if you live in the Tri-State region NY, NJ, PA to go with Marcie Haas of exclusively yours 570.906.9474 she comes to you hair/makeup $150 you can’t beat that and best of all she thinks of everything and gives you a “survival kit” to make sure your perfect for your special day

3. Cake- taste test make sure you like it but make sure to stay away from cakes that cause allergies ex: peanut butter fillings, bananas, pistachio ect..

4. Photographers- I’ll make this simple just choose me, we offer a FREE engagement photo session to test us out raving reviews and best of all were in the price budget

5. The dress- best to seek help from a professional that’s what their for; and try on everything even if you don’t like it you may be surprised

6. DJ- a DJ is the quiet guy that plays the music you want the package (the Dj and the announcer) the announcer is the guy that talks and you want to make sure they have been in the business for around 7-14 years otherwise the “newbies” tend to play annoyingly loud

7. FUN FACT***for every 50 people their needs to be 1 bartender otherwise you  will have a backup at the bar

8. FUN FACT***Pearls are the most worn jewelry on a wedding day

9. Too much info? didn’t realize the planning difficulty then call J-Angelo Event Planning 973.214.2128 they start at $250


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